eVideon Healthcare and AMOS TV Introduce Harmonia for Hospital Relaxation

AMOS TV and eVideon™ Healthcare are proud to introduce Harmonia, http://www.harmoniahd.com, an in-house video channel for hospitals.

Harmonia uses the beauty of nature and the natural world combined with brilliantly-scored musical compositions to capture the patient’s attention and provide an escape. It takes the patient on an audio/visual journey specifically created to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of well-being.

Each patient has different needs and Harmonia offers two very unique channels: harmonia relax and harmonia rally.

relax: relax is specifically designed to reduce stress levels and calm nerves through highly engaging yet non-intrusive visual and audio stimulus. relax is the perfect beside companion; within the hospital setting, it is the most useful category for general patient well-being and relaxation.

rally: A tremendous complement to relax, rally is upbeat and motivational. rally is excellent for settings wherein wakefulness and stimulation are required. Applications for rally include physical therapy centers, child life rooms or a patient room when a more upbeat mood is desired.

Harmonia is available both as a streaming option with an Interactive Patient Care System or as a broadcast channel over a traditional cable television system. eVideon™ Healthcare users have the additional capability of viewing on-demand at your patient’s convenience.

Harmonia is produced by AMOS TV, the world’s leading producer and distributor of Ambient Video. Harmonia uses unparalleled content from world-renowned sources and all video is shot in HD – producing stunning visuals and audio.

Jeff Ingle, Optimal Solutions founder and CEO, states that, “hospitals are asking for video channels that soothe, relax, inspire, motivate and encourage their patients. The unparalleled quality of Harmonia promotes well-being and heightens the satisfaction of each patient touched by its elegance and grace.”

“Harmonia provides visually stunning images that are unlike anything seen before on video,” says Nat Cooper, Director of Marketing for AMOS TV. “Harmonia is the perfect way to create a calming and energy-positive environment in which to foster health, healing and recovery.”